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Energy Bills

  • Switch supplier or tariff. If you pay the energy bill directly yourself, you have the right to switch supplier or tariff. Switching can save a typical household up to £300 a year so it is worth making the switch.
  • Check out a price comparison website, such as uSwitch or Look After My Bills to find the best deal for you.

  • Understand your bill. Bills can be confusing, in fact 60% of people in the UK find their bill hard to understand.
  • Follow the guides here to help you understand your bill.

  • Get a smart meter If you pay the energy bill directly yourself you can request a smart meter from your energy provider at no additional cost. These provide real-time information on how much you are using and spending to make it easy to identify energy wastage.
  • Check out our advice video here and a printable leaflet here.

  • Take meter readings. It’s really important to keep track of your energy usage in order avoid nasty shocks, so we encourage you to locate your electricity and gas meters when you move in and take meter readings (take a photo of the readings on the meters). This will be really useful if you think your energy provider may have charged you too much later in the year.
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