Volunteer Awards

Thank you to all our volunteers for helping to improve the sustainability in residences and on campus.

Bronze Award

Bronze Award recipients have attended the Student Switch Off volunteer training, actively engaging in activities and learning about sustainability in their residence. Following the training session Bronze Award recipients have successfully completed an in depth sustainability audit of their residence, looking at areas of energy, waste and water consumption. As part of the audit recommendations have been made to improve sustainable practices and to start the process of putting efficiency measure in place.

Silver Award

Silver Award recipients have gained the Bronze Award and have now taken further action by implementing 3 additional activities. Activities range from putting in place audit recommendations, attending volunteer meet ups, participating in additional learning masterclasses and webinars, and getting involved in campaign activities.

Gold Award

Gold Award recipients have gained both the Bronze and Silver Awards and have taken up to 10 activities to support sustainability in residences. Gaining the Gold award demonstrates commitment to taking sustainability actions, encouraging others and actively furthering personal sustainability knowledge through masterclasses and webinars. Gold Award recipients are active champions of sustainability on campus.

Skills include: Awareness. Auditing. Commitment. Communication. Confidence. Contribution. Engagement. Enthusiasm. Inspiring Others. Knowledge. Learning. Leading. Recommendations. Reliability. Sustainability Literacy. Time Management