How can I promote the campaign to my friends?

  • Tell them you attended the training session and what it was about.
  • Encourage them to take the Climate Quiz in November and February.
  • Post campaign content on social media (e.g. the competition leaderboard or competitions on your Instagram story).
  • If you have a group WhatsApp or Messenger chat, share competitions in the group.
  • Ask friends if they would take a sustainability pledge.
  • Tell them about the newsletter and ask if they want to sign-up.
  • Let your friends know if you have learnt anything new from the campaign, or if you have taken part in a competition.

Ideas for running your own activity on sustainable living:

Students volunteering for SSO can apply for up to £50 to support your own activity. You can apply for the grant by completing this form. 

  • Write a short article/blog on sustainable living for students.
  • Ask the staff in your accommodation or students’ union if they would share some information about the campaign and sustainable living that you will provide on their social media or website.
  • Create an Instagram story/highlight, Twitter feed or similar on the campaign and sustainable living.
  • Run a quick quiz or game such as, ‘Guess the amount of water used in a 4 minute shower’.
  • Set up a stall in your residence entrance where students can find out their carbon footprint using an online calculator.
  • Create a map or list showing where students can buy zero-waste products, refill water bottles, support local sustainable businesses or recycle/re-home particular items.
  • Host a film screening/Netflix party and discussion afterwards with a sustainability theme.
  • Create some promotional materials to distribute to students about the benefits of recycling and what the rules on segregating general waste and recycling are. You can access our logo to use here. 
  • Have an art/painting night with a sustainability theme.
  • Organise a reading group where you read or listen to resources with a sustainability or climate theme.

Let us know if you do any of these or something different by sharing in the Slack group.

Details for adding a photo to our campaign photo collage:

We want to create a ‘photo’ collage showing what actions students are taking to live more sustainably. View this example of a photo collage. 

  1. On a piece of paper write one action you are taking to live more sustainably this year (e.g. I want to reduce the time I spend in shower OR I want to raise awareness by speaking to more friends about the climate crisis).
  2. Take a photo of you holding up your piece of paper.
  3. Email to
  4. Our team will create the collage and share with you later in the year. It will be used to help raise awareness about the campaign.