Student Switch Off is an award-winning inter-halls sustainability competition rewarding groups of students who achieve the biggest savings in energy, water and/or have the best recycling rates. We provide easy ways for students to incorporate sustainability into their lives and to encourage their community to do the same. We deliver sustainability engagement within accommodation, and give opportunities for students to take part in regular social media competitions, on-site activities and training to become campaign ambassadors.

Student Switch Off+ focuses on students who live in the private rented sector, helping them make informed choices when choosing and living in their accommodation, that not only saves energy and water but also saves them money.

Why does Student Switch Off exist?

Student Switch Off provides a platform for students to take personal action on the Climate Crisis.

  • Halls of residence are energy and water intensive buildings
  • Electricity, heat and water are one of the largest contributors to the Climate Crisis, with the majority of Europe’s energy coming from fossil fuels
  • When bills are included in rent, we may not be as enticed to save energy and water
  • Reducing our energy consumption is a great way to reduce our negative environmental and social impact
  • Reducing waste and recycling where possible also saves energy and cuts CO2 emissions

In the past 12 years, across participating universities in the UK, the campaign has achieved…

Part of SOS-UK

Student Switch Off is part of NUS’ Sustainability Charity, Students Organising for Sustainability UK (SOS-UK). NUS champions students to shape education, and create a fairer and more prosperous society for everyone. Sustainability is a huge part of that.

Embedding sustainability across campuses, curriculum and communities is fundamental to representing students, and strengthening students’ unions. You can read more about SOS-UK’s sustainability work here.

Campaign Support

We’re grateful to a number of organisations for supporting the running of the campaign – Ben & Jerry’s for supporting us from the start and Carbon Leapfrog (especially Bird & Bird) for securing us free legal and accountancy advice when we first started up as a not-for-profit. We are also very grateful to our newest sponsor Endsleigh insurance.

We are also very thankful to the European Commission for helping us expand the Student Switch Off and Student Switch Off+ campaigns to 7 other European countries through our SAVES and SAVES 2 projects.