The University of Nottingham


It’s really important that you recycle as much as possible in halls to minimise the amount of materials that go into landfill. You should have received a personal jute bag which you’ll need to empty into the external bins when it’s full. Check out the list below to see what can/can’t be recycled and look at the poster on your kitchen wall for a more information.

  • Paper, newspaper, magazines
  • Cardboard
  • Mixed Glass (clean!)
  • Plastic containers (clean!)
  • Drinks and metal cans (clean!)
  • Batteries
  • CDs, DVDs, etc
  • Crisp packets, coffee cups, snack packets
  • Electrical equipment including chargers
  • Folders (e.g. lever-arch folders)
  • Food waste – should go in the food waste bin
  • Hard plastic (e.g. CD/DVD cases)
  • Tetrapak cartons
  • Tissues