Welcome to the Kingston University Student Switch Off campaign – your chance to win prizes for yourself and a big delivery of Ben & Jerry’s for your flat/block, all for doing easy things to save energy and the environment.

Ben & Jerry’s for my flat/block?
Yep! All the flats/blocks within each hall at Kingston University are competing to save energy and the best flats/blocks in each hall will be rewarded with a Ben & Jerry’s giveaway in both of the first two terms!

Interesting, how can I win stuff?
To help your flat/block come top make sure you follow our energy-saving tips. We also give away individual prizes over the year such as Ben & Jerry’s (big tubs!), KUSU goodies and NUS extra cards. These are given out to students who get involved in our photo competitions that run every 2-3 weeks.

Tell me more..
Click on the tabs on the left hand side for information on the leaderboard for your hall so far, key dates for the year, photo competitions, our climate change quiz, how to get involved and practical information on what can/can’t be recycled in halls. Good luck in the competition!

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