Coventry University


Welcome to the Coventry University Student Switch Off campaign.

What is Student Switch Off?

Student Switch Off (SSO) is an energy, water and recycling campaign run at Coventry University. The campaign supports and encourages students living in halls of residence to save energy and water, as well as recycle.

If you live in Godiva Place, Bishop Gate or The Cycle Works hall of residences you are automatically taking part in the competition but visit our get involved page to find out how you can personally do more and win individual prizes such as Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.

At the end of the year, we will select a winning hall to win an end of year celebration.

Why does Student Switch Off exist?

Student Switch Off provides a platform for students to take personal action on the Climate Crisis.

  • Halls of residence are energy and water intensive buildings
  • Electricity, heat and water are one of the largest contributors to the Climate Crisis, with the majority of Europe’s energy coming from fossil fuels
  • When bills are included in rent, we may not be as enticed to save energy and water
  • Reducing our energy consumption is a great way to reduce our negative environmental and social impact
  • Reducing waste and recycling where possible also saves energy and cuts CO2 emissions

What impact does the campaign have?

The campaign is run across multiple universities in the UK and in the past 12 years we have…

Volunteer with us

We need students living in halls to help spread the campaign message! At the beginning of the academic year we hold a training session for campaign Ambassadors. In this role you could gain transferable skills in:

Using these skills, your knowledge and enthusiasm, you can support and motivate your friends and flat-mates to become more energy and water efficient and to recycle where possible.

Sign up to become an ambassador here