Over the course of the year participating colleges compete in a series of challenges and receive a bronze, silver, gold or platinum award in each challenge depending on what proportion of the college gets involved. The metrics are listed below and the latest leaderboard is available here http://bit.ly/2GsqXqo (it contains detail on the thresholds for bronze/silver/gold/platinum for each metric for each college).

- % of students in college signed-up to support the campaign (ongoing)
- % of students attending the Student Switch Off Ambassador training session (October and February)
- % of students in college participating in the first online climate change quiz (launching on Wed 8th November)
- % of students in college participating the second online climate change quiz (launching on Wed 7th February)
- Energy-savings achieved during Switch Off week (dates TBC – end of Feb/early March)
- Number of photos submitted as proportion of student population of the college (ongoing, deadline in May)
- Number of additional environmental events held during the year (e.g. an internal photo competition, a recycling-themed bop, a screening of an environmental film)

While the competition at Cambridge is judged primarily on student engagement, we have set up an energy dashboard to provide an indication of how much energy each college is using in comparison to the equivalent time period the previous year.