Staff Profiles


Neil is the founder and Programme Manager of the Student Switch Off campaign. He can’t get enough of energy-saving and loves putting a lid on the pan!


Jade is the Senior Project Officer for Student Switch Off and over the years has travelled the length and breadth of the UK spreading the energy-saving message!


Joanna leads on the expansion of Student Switch Off into Europe and loves the huge collective impact that we make through the small actions that students take in their everyday lives to save energy.


Jen has been a friendly face of Student Switch Off since 2012, is based in the North West, loves a cuppa and a sweet treat, but never overfills the kettle!


Jess works with lots of different universities on Student Switch Off. She likes eating pasta and always puts the lid on the pan!

Katie F

Katie looks after Student Switch Off at Sheffield, York, Worcester and Staffordshire and loves seeing your quirky and interesting photo competition entries – they never get old!

Katie J

Katie works with universities up and down the UK on Student Switch Off. She loves chatting to students about energy-saving and is working very hard to try and stick within the 4 minute shower timer!


Kim is a Sustainability Project Officer based in Oxford. Her favourite energy-saving action is filling the kettle only as much as she needs so she can get her cuppa that must quicker!


Michelle joined the team in 2013 and likes to save energy by sleeping a lot and eating cereal for dinner.


Quinn is a Senior Project Officer at NUS where she works with students across the UK to embed sustainability in their learning experiences. She’s a big fan of vegetarian food and always turns down the heat to wear a jumper instead!