Competition! Tell us your sustainable 2021 New Year’s Resolution…

What will you do in 2021?

Have you made 2021 the year to be more conscious about your impact on the Earth? A great place to start is with things we can do at home to reduce our personal impact, as well as thinking about where we spend our money, and how our everyday decisions can impact the world around us. We’re all spending a lot more time at home these days, and small actions really can add up so we want to hear what new habit you’re going to try this year…

The Competition

We have 25 tubs of Ben & Jerry’s to give away (you choose the flavour, including dairy-free flavours if going vegan is your 2021 resolution!), and all you have to do is fill in the form below telling us what you’re going to do in 2021 to live more sustainably at home!

This competition is now closed! Look out for more competitions and activities coming soon!

Need some inspiration?

If you need some inspiration, find some top tips on energy, water and waste from your university by finding them here! We’ve also listed some of our top tips below:

  • Only boil the water you need in the kettle – kettles are big energy users so boiling less water is a simple and effective way to save!
  • Reduce your shower time – showers use around 10 litres of water/minute so reducing your shower time by even 1 minute can go a long way
  • If you can control your room temperature, try and keep the heating low and wear layers to keep warm without wasting energy. Also make sure radiators are off if the window is open!
  • Get to grips with your recycling system – look for posters or information on the university website (or your local council if you are living at home) so you are recycling everything you can in your kitchen (and not putting anything in the recycling that shouldn’t be there!)
  • Reduce waste by using reusables instead of disposable items (e.g. bags, cutlery, coffee cups, water bottles) and avoiding excess packaging where possible
  • Buy secondhand items where possible & donate old stuff rather than throwing away (see some great repair guides here to fix things instead of throwing them away too!)

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