Media Resources

The resources listed are available for you to download and use to raise awareness and gain support for the campaign. Before using these you must read our SSO brand guidelinesĀ and advice listed below.

Design Guidelines

  • Use Trebuchet MS Font (or Lato in Canva).
  • The logo must remain in the aspect ratio, colour and angle provided.
  • The logo must be uncovered, unblurred and have some clear space around it.

If SSO believes any media created does not meet our guidelines we can request that they are taken down. This can include language used that we feel does not align with the campaign.

Design Advice

  • Use contrasting colours.
  • Our suggested brand colour codes for designs: #00afc8 (light blue), #083a5e (dark blue). Though you are not limited to these colours.
  • Keep designs simple.
  • Make sure font size and spacing is clear.
  • Check the language (key words and phrases) of the campaign and try to use this.