If you want to get more involved in Student Switch Off, find your university page here to find opportunities on your campus. But Student Switch Off is just the beginning, use the resources on this page to find other opportunities to take action on the climate crisis.

Wider opportunities

  • Go to your university’s students’ union webpage to check what sustainability campaigns, initiatives and societies are running that you can get involved with. Alternatively, contact your SU staff if there is an idea that you have.
  • See if your university or local community has a People & Planet group and support the movement of investments from fossil fuels. They also need student trustees!
  • Join The UK Youth Climate Coalition (UKYCC) who are campaigning on climate change in the UK and around the world. They are made up of young people (18-29) based in the UK who volunteer their time.
  • Take part in a student placements with NUS’ sustainability department. More info here.
  • Take part in an online course about climate change by 350.org. Courses include: intro and advanced campaigning, causes of climate change, how to have climate change conversations, movements, divestment, and much more!
  • Join your local XR Group
  • Get involved in Students for Trees to protect, enhance and celebrate woods and trees on our campuses

Taking Action on the Climate Crisis

Human activity is driving the Climate Crisis, and it is the most vulnerable people who are hit hardest, yet contribute to the crisis the least and drive campaigns for climate justice.

Students in the UK are pushing for greater action on the Climate Crisis, and have the power and privilege to take action. Whatever stage of your climate campaigning journey you are at, there are opportunities for you to get involved and to develop your skills, knowledge and relationships.

Student Switch Off was created to engage those who are nearer the beginning of their journey, providing easy ways to incorporate sustainability into their lives. We see students continuing their campaigning in a variety of ways, within and beyond their living spaces. Find your university page to see how you can get involved in Student Switch Off on your campus.

Adela became a Student Switch Off ambassador after hearing that they could receive free Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. Adela went on to support further environmental initiatives within the students’ union and complete a LLM in Environment & Climate Change Law. 


Ways of campaigning

Whilst Student Switch Off is a behaviour change campaign, we recognise the importance of system change. We think different campaign approaches are important in creating greater action on the climate crisis. The image below shows how campaigning involves different techniques so you can take action in a way that you feel comfortable and support others to do the same.

Further things you can do

  • When moving out of halls of residence, check our advice for the private-rented sector
  • Avoid buying stuff! Think Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Repair, Recycle
  • Avoid flying, and switch to public transportation, carpooling, cycling or walking where you can
  • Tell your MP and local councillors that you think action on the climate crisis is important
  • Start a conversation with others about the climate crisis
  • Adapt the way you eat. Fellow campaigners at 10:10 have some recommendations.


Further resources