Energy saving with Buddy the Elf

5 Ways to Save Energy This Winter as Told Through Buddy the Elf

1. Don’t be a cotton- headed ninny- muggins.

I know that this is supposed to be a list of things to do based on Buddy the Elf, but this is one thing that you shouldn’t do! Don’t just sit around and be a self-proclaimed cotton-headed ninny muggins, you need to act in order to make a difference and become the energy saving elf that you’ve always dreamt of being (okay maybe you haven’t dreamt of being an energy saving elf, but it’s almost Christmas and the title seemed fitting). While a small action like turning down your heat by 1°C might not seem like a lot, it can actually save you up to 10% on your energy bill and 4% of your energy use. On a larger scale, if everyone turned their thermostats down by just 1°C, total domestic emissions in the UK would reduce by about 4.5% according to the Energy Saving Trust. Every small action that you take can contribute to a larger picture and make a greater impact on the environment than you might realize.

2. Stick to the basic food groups: candy, candy canes, candy corns and syrup.
(Actually, maybe don’t stick to Buddy’s diet…)

Between 4% and 30% of the average gas and electricity bill is down to cooking alone! Instead of having a massive energy bill this winter from cooking your Christmas roast, try doing some of these things to save money and reduce your energy at the same time! Cover your pots and pans: covering pots and pans helps to trap heat, so you can cook things quicker, or achieve the same level of boiling or frying without having the hob turned up so high. This can save about 35% in energy costs, per pan. You can also try to use heatless recipes: if you don’t need to use the oven or stove to cook, then you save 100% of energy that you would have (of course)! Instead of having Buddy’s sugary diet, you can click here for some heatless recipe ideas that you can use throughout the year!

3. Turn off your lights when leaving Uni for Christmas
Maybe don’t jump on the Christmas tree to turn off the lights like Buddy, but instead try going around your accommodations and switching off lights and plugs to save loads of energy while you are away for Christmas. It is something that is easy to forget about, but only takes 10 seconds to make sure everything is switched off, and you know we are all about switching off and saving energy (shameless #StudentSwitchOff plug)!

4. Don’t sit on a throne of lies when you can know the facts!
Don’t believe everything that you’ve ever heard in terms of energy saving. Did you know that kitchen appliances, DVDs, TVs and computers, when plugged in, use up energy even when they are turned off? Maybe don’t cram 11 cookies in the VCR like Buddy to turn it off (if you still have a VCR, wow!), but if you don’t plan on using your kettle or if your computer has finished charging, go ahead and unplug those energy-draining devices to save some energy!

5. Snuggle to keep warm:
Being out in the snow making snow angels can be pretty cold. Rather than coming home and turning up your heating, why not try and cuddle to stay warm. Or I guess you can also put on your favorite Christmas jumper and layer up! Lowering your heat by 1°C can reduce your heating/ cooling bill by 10% annually, so before touching the thermostat think about some alternatives on how to warm up!

CONGRATULATIONS, YOU DID IT! You are now an energy saving elf like Buddy!