Your summer shopping list

You’ve made it through your first year of university – congratulations! We hope you’ve been trying really hard this year to save energy in your halls as part of Student Switch Off, but now it’s time to look ahead at some things you can buy and make to continue with your eco efforts next year!


1) Some reusable bags
With everything else you had to worry about buying before university, reusable bags probably weren’t top of your list. But now it’s time to put some canvas bags in the trolley next time you head to the shops because, come on, 5p for every plastic bag is just money down the drain.

Reusable Bags
2) Stock up on jumpers
If you’re paying your own bills next year, you’ll find heating will take up a large chunk of them. Delay turning up the heating for as long as possible by buying a few big cosy jumpers to keep warm when winter starts to creep back around. Try buying second-hand from your local charity shop for extra eco points!

3) Make sure your pans still have lids
You may have noticed some of your kitchen items have gone walkabout while living in halls. If you no longer have the lids for your pans, try and replace them so you can save energy when you cook next year.

Pan with Lid

4) A power strip
If you plug all your chargers and devices into one power strip, it’s super easy to switch them all off when you leave the house – just flip one switch rather than running all over your room trying to switch off lots of different switches. No more nasty standby mode using up precious kilowatts! Just don’t daisy chain them (where you plug one power strip into another to create one mega-power strip) because it can be dangerous.

Power Strip
5) Buy a reusable mug
If you’re going to be living off-campus next year you might be tempted to get a takeaway coffee on the way to your morning lectures, but think of how much waste all those takeaway cups make. Buy yourself a reusable mug and make your own hot beverage to save on money and waste. Just remember to only boil the water you need when making your drinks!

6) A draught excluder
If you’re living in an older building next year you might notice some draughts coming through when there’s a chill wind in the air. This might make you want to turn up the heating, but instead you could make a draught excluder. Although you can buy one from the shops, it’s way more eco (and cheaper) to make your own. Check out an easy guide here.

Draught Excluder

7) A shower timer
Having short showers is a great way to save water and energy. Grab yourself a shower timer to remind yourself and your flat-mates – you can usually get them for free from your local water supplier, just check out their website.Shower Timer
We hope you’ve learned lots about saving energy with Student Switch Off this year. Good luck for next year whether you’re living in private accommodation or returning to halls of residence and keep switching off!